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Yay! Along with the taller 4-inch iPhone 5, app developers all over the App Store are also releasing newly optimized apps for us to enjoy on our spanking new iPhone 5s! While it may take some time for all the apps in iTunes to adapt the new size of the Retina Display screen as well as the makings of the iOS 6, it’s a great thing to know that most of the basic apps we had before we decide to sell old iPhone are now updated to maximize the taller (not bigger) iPhone screen!

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So which apps have finally made the iPhone 5 optimization changes they need? Check out this list:

1. Facebook – Yeah, we know Facebook has already been deeply ingrained in the workings of iOS 6, but it’s still important to know that Facebook is now stretched out to reveal more of your cover photos and statuses. Apart from these changes, some bugs were also fixed for the Facebook Pages Manager.

2. Pinterest – Another crowd pleaser and one of the first to take advantage of the taller iPhone screen is Pinterest. Not only was it made compatible to the iPhone and fifth generation iPod Touch, the app now also allows iPad users to pin straight from their camera and photo library. Some bugs were also fixed and a few improvements on the performance were done.

3. Twitter and Tweetbot – Aside from the aesthetic redesign of the official app (where you can now add ‘Facebook-like’ cover photos on your profile), developers from Twitter Inc. have now optimized their app to fit the new iPhone 5 screen. We bet dozens of Twitter addicts would be too happy to sell iPhone 4S now that the updates are done! Twitter client, Tweetbot also updated their app and also fixed a few bugs along the way.

4. Temple Run – Not only does the update for Temple Run look glorious on the iPhone 5, the gameplay is also more fun this time around! Since Imangi Studios LLC is celebrating their 100 million downloads milestone, they took the time to update the app big time. The game is larger than life and it fits the 4-inch Retina Display like a glove. You can now also share your scores with your friends through social media! Oh and they also fixed a lot of bugs for this update. Now isn’t that worthy to sell iPhone for?

5. Netflix – As they say, better late than never. One of the apps that seemed a little late in upgrading their official app is Netflix after releasing the upgrades a week after the market release of the iPhone 5. The app takes full advantage of the 4-inch display by not only elongating their app interface; they also maximized the 16:9 widescreen display that the new iPhone offers. Now just imagine all those movies and TV shows on your iPhone looking bigger and better on Retina Display. Yup, definitely worth it if you get iPhone 5. Oh, and they also improved browsing and searching on the app!

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